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My name is Cheri Simon, and I started Esri Skincare in March 2020, literally in my dreams. It all started from my soul. I had dreams that I had to create something genuine, real and authentic from my heart. 

I have always been interested in nature but always connected it to divination, moreover the divine feminine that uses nature to self heal herself and in turn the world. From this hypothesis I created Esri Skincare.

My skincare collection has been designed to enhance the mind, body and especially the spirit. Anything that reflects beauty within and without. One of my gifts is that I have a particular passion for aromatherapy and my skincare collection allows me to revel in this. I seem to have the gift of blending essential oils for a specific purpose. I love it. I use pure essential oils in all my skincare products and the formulations targets a specific skincare issue. As all the ingredients are natural, they are biocompatible, they work holistically with the body and mind and not against.

Each essential oil has an element that cures the body, uplifts the mind and connects these two for the betterment of the spirit.

This is my gift to you, I am woman, welcome to my world.

All ingredients are ethically sourced and suitable for vegans.


We guarantee we never use and will never use:

  • Parabens, silicones, or sulphates

  • Mineral oils or petroleum

  • TEA or DEA

  • Animals for testing

Shop Esri Skincare now for handmade natural skincare products with a spiritual connection...

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